RS-1 107

RS-1 107 at Springfield, Missouri on October 31, 1965 (Arthur B. Johnson)
RS-1 107

RS-1 107 at Springfield, Missouri on October 31, 1965 (Arthur B. Johnson).

The locomotives are on the diesel pocket track.

This track is used for longer term storage of shop bound locomotives. Units located here typically require an above average length of work time in the shop. They are rotated into the shop as space, materials and personnel could be scheduled. Note the locomotives are tied down based on the wedge shaped wood chock blocks under the locomotive’s wheels. In addition to the hand brake, these help prevent the locomotives from rolling down the grade to the west.

The diesel pocket is east of the Springfield Diesel Shop and Kansas Avenue. It is northeast of the Mechanical Department’s service tracks area. The “new” turntable would be installed just to the north of this location. The turntable was relocated and installed in the late 1970s after the new diesel shop and service tracks area was built at Cherokee Yard in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The track in the foreground forms the east end of the diesel shop lead. The diverging turnouts lead to the east end of the service tracks area. The track beyond the locomotives is the Clinton Subdivision. This route leads to the West Shops area, ribbon rail plant, Benwood Yard, tie treating plant and out of town to Clinton and ultimately Kansas City. The yard floodlight tower stands between the diesel pocket track and the Clinton Sub track.

Visible on the rise in the distance, between the locomotive noses, are parts of the conveying systems at Ozark Hardwood Company. On this spur track the Frisco served this industry as well as Springfield Plywoods, Inc. Further east toward Broadway Avenue, off a separate spur is Barclay-Love Oil Company.

The view is looking north.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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3 Responses to RS-1 107

  1. Christopher Abernathy says:

    Lot of interesting stuff in this one. Note the MU-equipped #107. Seems curious for it to be switching a Redbird – would it have been switching the EA7 its appointment spot on the post-September 1965 dead line after the passenger train purge?

    Wondering where this would have been taken in Springfield. Maybe the “west” yard near the yard office, based on what appears to be a microwave tower behind the cab of 107?

    Best Regards,

  2. Karl Brand says:

    The RS-1’s would only MU with each other (Saw it once at Grandview). Don’t believe that it’s switching. Both units are spotted by the Diesel Shop. The tower carries lamps for yard illumination.

  3. Karl Brand says:

    BTW, the E-unit appears to be 2008.

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