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NW2 265 and SW1500 356

NW2 265 and SW1500 356 (date and location unknown)
NW2 265 and SW1500 356

NW2 265 and SW1500 356 at Tulsa, Oklahoma (date unknown).

This photograph was taken at the Mechanical Department’s service tracks area at Cherokee Yard. The switch engines are awaiting their individual job assignments. Although coupled, they are not in consist as the NW2 is not equipped with multiple unit controls or associated apparatus.

To the south is the diesel shop, out of view to the right, at 2400 South Union Avenue. In the distance just below the horizon line, above the freight car red and yellow boxcars, is the West 23rd Street viaduct.

Visible near the left edge of the photo, across the Arkansas River, southeast of the central downtown core are several prominent buildings. The dark copper topped steeple is the 1929 vintage art deco Boston Avenue United Methodist Church at 1301 South Boston Avenue.

The two high rise buildings further right are the 15 story Boulder Towers (west tower, the east tower was added in 1980) at 1437 South Boulder Avenue and 24 story Liberty Tower at 1502 South Boulder Avenue. The later opened in 1965.

The view is looking northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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