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SW7 304

SW7 304 St. Louis, Missouri (EVDA Slides)
SW7 304

SW7 304 St. Louis, Missouri (EVDA Slides).

Location is St. Louis, Missouri.

The switch engine is on the north side of Lindenwood Yard. It is moving west toward the locomotive service tracks and diesel shop area. It has just passed under the Arsenal Street bridge. An interesting detail seen through the rear window on the fireman’s side is the clear plastic trash bag. It is hanging from one of the safety rails protecting the window on the inside of the cab.

To the north, beyond the tree line in the upper right of the image, down in the valley is the River des Peres (River of the Fathers). From its origin in Creve Coeur (heartbreak) the 9.3 mile river initially flows southwest before turning southeast just west of the Frisco yard. It empties into the Mississippi River just south of the city limits of St. Louis.

View is looking southwest.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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