2-8-8-2 2001

2-8-8-2 Mallet 2001 (date and location unknown)
2-8-8-2 Mallet 2001

2-8-8-2 Mallet 2001 (date and location unknown).

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  1. Karl Brand says:

    Based on the name, which appears on the grain elevator, this is Lockwood, Missouri. The 2001 is being handled, dead, in a freight train to its new home in Ft Scott or Kansas City. The train is stopped astride what today is called Main Street (MO Hwy 97), as the head-end power takes on coal and water. The man, who is standing next to the low pressure steam chest is likely the messenger/watchman. He has taken this opportunity leave his position in the cab of 2001, and make a ground inspection. Likely date based on newspaper articles is 1911. The Mallets were built for helper service on Rolla and Lebanon Subdivisions. They arrived on the railroad with great fanfare, but according to newspaper articles of the day, the locomotives did not provide satisfactory service, because they were “pulling drawbars”. The Frisco wasted little time, and within months of their delivery, they were reassigned to handling oil trains between Monett and West Tulsa. They were also placed on the KC and Afton Subdivisions, where they handled trains of SE Kansas coal.

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