4-8-2 1522

4-8-2 1522 (date and location unknown)
4-8-2 1522

4-8-2 1522 (date and location unknown).

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  1. Mark Davidson says:

    Location is Springfield, Missouri.

    The locomotive and cabooses are sitting near the southwest end of the yard bowl at Springfield Yard (SY). The yard was also known as West Yard or Kansas Avenue Yard. The photograph was taken just south of the west speed repair in place (RIP) track. The equipment is sitting on RIP track 1. Across Division Street to the south (right) is the Ralston Purina fertilizer plant.

    Just to the right are the south long tracks L-1, L-2, L-3 and L-4. The long tracks were the primary arrival and departure (R&D) tracks in the yard. There were five similar north long tracks (L-1, L-2, L-3, L-4, L-5) on the other side of the yard. The long tracks numbered outward from and flanked the 31 yard bowl tracks. Typically, the north long tracks were used for westward and northward bound trains. Likewise, the south long tracks were used for eastward and southward bound trains.

    To the right, a train is sitting on L-4 south. At this time, the yard tower in the distance stood south of L-4 south, north of the intersection of West Division Street and North Forrest Avenue. Later, in the 1970s a tower like structure was added atop the roof of the yard office at the east end of the yard. The tower near the center of the yard in this view was then removed.

    In the upper left corner are the Springfield West Shops complex. Moving to the left are the following major buildings and structures.

     Old car shop, later converted to the roadway equipment shop.
     Former system steam locomotive heavy repair shop, later converted to the Consolidated Freight Car Shop.
     Former tender shop, later converted to the freight car door and roadway products (track components) shop.
     The complex power house (DC electric power and steam) with the reddish colored coal tower.
     The company’s silver 100,000 gallon, 150’ tall, metal water supply tower.

    In the West Shops complex the passenger car and locomotive shop were north of a transfer table pit. To the south of the pit were the paint shop, supply storage, later the communications and signal shop, and tender shops. In the pit were two transfer tables. East of the transfer table pit were lumber sheds, the system central supply warehouse, the powerhouse and water tower.

    Near the center of the image, just below the horizon line in the far distance just to the left of the pole mounted yard speaker is the Springfield Diesel Shop. This was the railroad’s main system wide diesel shop. It featured 9 tracks, capable of ultimately holding up to 38 locomotives depending on model type (length) indoors under roof.

    To the right of the pole mounted speakers the tall silver sand towers at the locomotive service tracks area are just visible. Above the far cabooses on RIP track 1, just below the horizon line is the yellowish blond brick main Springfield yard office. It sits just east of mile post 239.7, MP 239.7, (east / west) and MP 200.6 (north / south). North Kansas Avenue viaduct overpass over the yard, opened in 1970, has not been built at the time of this photograph.

    There are several additional yard detail features in this image. Note the water standing in the drainage ditch to the left with a crossover culvert roadway. Above it, near the left edge, is a silver pole mounted yard air supply tank with an arched roof. Above it is a line of day target and lantern equipped switch stands. Just to the right is a yellow pole mounted yard talkback speaker. Another yard talkback speaker is just to the left of the tall pole mounted speakers. A yard air hose with cutoff valve and glad hand is laying just north of and parallel to L-2 south.

    View is looking east.

    Hope this helps.



  2. Mark Davidson says:

    If the steam locomotive is 1522, we can date the photograph to a narrow 26 month window.

    On the left is wide vision caboose SLSF 211. It was built during 3/1957. Frisco donated Baldwin Locomotive Works 4-8-2 wheel arrangement, Mountain type, locomotive 1522 to the National Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri in 5/1959.

    Hope this helps.



  3. John Peluso says:

    Is there a detailed drawing for the silver pole mounted yard air supply tank with arched roof?

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