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GP38-2s 677 and 424

GP38-2s 677 and 424 (date and location unknown)
GP38-2s 677 and 424

GP38-2s 677 and 424 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (date unknown).

The train is westbound on the Chickasha Subdivision. It has just departed the Frisco’s East Yard (MP 539.5) and crossed the North Canadian River on Bridge 539.8. This structure is 664 feet long, constructed of steel I-beams on steel piles.

The lead locomotive is just before crossing South Santa Fe Street. The photo was taken from the fill for the Santa Fe Railroad overpass. After crossing under the Santa Fe, just to the west, the train will run south of the Oklahoma City Union Station (MP 540.5). This depot was a joint operation between the Rock Island and Frisco.

The yellow building in the distance is a meat processing and packing plant. The sign identifies the business as Turvey, Inc. The red portion with white letters reads “Beef Packers”. Just to the north of the meat packer is the Producers Co-Op Oil Mill. Before shutting down in April 2015, its 37 acre facility produced cotton and canola seed products.

The view is looking northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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