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Unknown Locomotives

Unknown Locomotives (date and location unknown)
Unknown Locomotives

Unknown locomotives at Kansas City, Missouri (date unknown).

This is the Mechanical Department’s diesel shop and service tracks area at 19th Street Yard in the West Bottoms. Although not the best quality photo, there is still a wealth of detail and information in this image.

Starting from the west (left) is the locker room/offices/storage building. At the north end, between service track 2 (left) and service track 1 (right) is the locomotive sand tower. Situated between the tracks are several fuel stands with hoses. Light poles or stanchions can be seen around the parameter of the tracks.

Out of view further north are the locomotive turntable and bulk dry sand storage silo with vertical bucket elevator leg. Compressed air is used to supply sand from the bulk storage silo to the elevated sand tower. Once a locomotive is positioned under the sand tower, sandbox doors are opened, supply hoses placed and valves opened, gravity assists to supply the individual locomotive sand boxes.

On the east side is the diesel shop. Below the high bay is a single track running the length of the shop with a below track inspection pit within the track gauge. An overhead crane runs the length of the high bay. The angled shed style roof area on the west side of the shop houses various offices, work and storage areas, plus the steam boiler room.

Exiting the south end of the shop is an elevated steam line. It makes an “L”, turning west to supply the locker/office/supply building. The supply line has two branches down, that turn south and run parallel to service track 2.

On service track 1 are two GP38AC units. The second appears to be SLSF 657. On service track 2 are an unidentified number EMD NW2 (SLSF 250-265) and a Baldwin VO-1000 (SLSF 218, 219, 222, 224, 226, 231, 232, 234 – still on roster after delivery of SLSF 657 (4/2/71)) or more likely an EMD repowered VO1000m (SLSF 200-206, 210, 215).

Some workers are also in view. One is approaching the NW2, seen below the VO’s open cab door. Another is unloading the delivery truck with clam shell type doors just south of the diesel shop. Also believe there is a third worker standing in the inspection pit for service track 1. Look near the locomotive’s front pilot (right in this view), below the two horizontal yellow bars, above the round black object.

The view is looking northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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