F3A 5012

F3A 5012 (date and location unknown)
F3A 5012

F3A 5012 (date and location unknown).

The other units in the image are unidentified, as well as the location. The Frisco Archive is sure our members can help us with more information regarding this photograph.

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  1. Paul Bender says:

    All three of the Alco’s appear to be EMD repowered, but none of them have spark arrestors.

    The FB1 nearest to 5012 appears to be 5304. I can’t really read the number on the other B unit or the A or the GP7 (which is steam generator equipped).


  2. magistrate says:

    If you look at the trucks on the lead A unit you can tell that it is a FA-1.

  3. TAG1014 says:

    It wasn’t until about 1960 that the Frisco would add a GP-7 to a consist of F’s and F A’s (Info from employee timetables). This might help with the date. Before that (approximate) year, the cab units ran in unbroken consists.

    Tom G.

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