VO-660 61

VO-660 61 (Serial #64254, Ex-AT&N 601) at Springfield, Missouri on February 25, 1961 (Later Foreman Cement #61, later Arkla Chemical Corp) (Stanley McCarthy)
VO-660 61

VO-660 61 (Serial #64254) is ex-AT&N 601 and seen here at Springfield, Missouri on February 25, 1961. The unit would later be Foreman Cement #61 and then belong to Arkla Chemical Corporation (Stanley McCarthy).

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4 Responses to VO-660 61

  1. Karl Brand says:

    These were purchased by the Frisco and were sent to work in Pensacola.

  2. Tom Galbraith says:

    A sweet little engine and a terrific fresh job!

    Tom G.

  3. Tom Galbraith says:

    That should be a neat PAINT job!

    Tom G.

  4. Mark Davidson says:

    Frisco ordered and directly received two (2) Baldwin Locomotive Works (BLW) model VO-660 units. These engines were delivered to the railroad in 1942 and placed into service at Pensacola, Florida. Delivered during World War II, they initially worked tank car traffic around the city, its port and naval facilities. It was felt they were a safer choice to handle flammable commodities than steam engines. Also, unlike steam engines their exhaust and movements were less likely to be monitored by German submarines lurking off the coast.

    As delivered they were originally numbered SLSF 600 and 601. In the post-war years as the Frisco’s roster of EMD GP7s grew out of the 500 series and into the 600 series numbers these Baldwin locomotives were renumbered SLSF 60 and 61. The respective units were renumbered at Pensacola, FL on June 14, 1951 and Kansas City, MO on June 30, 1951.

    Both units spent their last years in service on the Frisco at its Kansas City Terminal. SLSF 60 was sold 1/8/1965 to the Arkansas Concrete Company at Foreman, AR. SLSF 61 survived just a little longer, but was sold 11/14/1965 to Ark-La Gas Company in Shreveport, LA.

    Historic records indicate the Alabama, Tennessee and Northern (AT&N) only rostered thirteen (13) diesel locomotives. None were from Baldwin.

    The AT&N was fully dieselized by 1946. The AT&N roster included eleven (11) American Locomotive Company (Alco) model RS-1 (AT&N 101-111) units and two units from General Electric (GE) including a 45-ton (AT&N 11) and an 80-ton (AT&N 12) model. The 80-ton unit was not added to the Frisco’s roster when control of the AT&N was acquired by the Frisco in 1948.

    Hope this helps.



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