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VO-1000m 205

VO-1000m 205 Kansas City, Mo 19th St Yard in August 1978 (Allen Clum)
VO-1000m 205

VO-1000m 205 Kansas City, Mo 19th St Yard in August 1978 (Allen Clum).

Location is Kansas City, Missouri.

The locomotive is in the Frisco’s 19th Street Yard. It is on the south approach track to the single track diesel shop. At the front coupler level is the Frisco’s track that runs behind (east) of the diesel shop. This was primarily a running track connecting the north end of 19th Street Yard with the diesel shop and coach yard near the south end of the yard. The locomotive’s front truck is on the grade crossing for vehicles to access the diesel shop from Allen Terrace. Out of view to the rear (south) of the locomotive is the diesel fuel tank car unloading track with four car spots.

Located on a shelf near the base of the bluff in the distance, at a level just below the locomotive’s front headlight, is the Kansas City Terminal Railway (KCT). Their elevated Bluff Line runs north /south along the east side of the West Bottoms area. The Bluff Line extends from the intersection of Forrester Road and Beardsley Road southward to near the KCT’s former coach yard and roundhouse at West 25th Street and Southwest Boulevard. The concrete retaining wall above the locomotive helps support the bluff hillside and protects this line.

Note in this view that the locomotive has sustained some rear side damage near the cab that has been repaired. The reflective sill stripes now end below the battery box ahead of the crew cab. They once extended the full length of the side sill. Also, the former Automatic Car Identification (ACI) placard has been removed from the battery box side. Please see an earlier view of this locomotive in The Archive at http://frisco.org/mainline/2017/06/16/vo-1000m-205-4/.

The view is looking east.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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