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U25B 800

U25B 800 at St. Louis, Missouri on November 10, 1973
U25B 800

U25B 800 at St. Louis, Missouri on November 10, 1973.

The photograph was taken at the Mechanical Department’s locomotive service tracks area on the north side of Lindenwood Yard. This area is northeast of the diesel shop, south of the River Des Peres. The viaduct in the distance over the yard and river is Arsenal Street. Above the rear radiator of the GP35, in line with the lower portion of the yard light tower, is the rooftop of the yard tower.

Visible to the left of the locomotives are two of the fuel stands and hoses. Note the end of hose nozzle with twist-lock connector that can be attached to a locomotive fuel tank fill pipe. The nozzles feature a pressure backflow shutoff device to prevent fuel tank overtopping and spills.

The yellow autorack in the distance is on one of the repair-in-place (RIP) tracks. The Car Department operated five RIP tracks just north of and adjacent to the locomotive facilities.

The view is looking northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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