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GP40-2 761

GP40-2 761 (location unknown) in July 1980
GP40-2 761

GP40-2 761 at Tulsa, Oklahoma in July 1980.

The locomotive is sitting on the north side of the diesel shop at Cherokee Yard. Above the locomotive’s radiator section is northeast corner of the shop building. Just inside the shop is SW7 301.

On the east side of the shop, the two close tracks beyond 761’s pilot are for locomotive consist storage. Out of view to the right are the Mechanical Department’s three service tracks. A fourth track on the west is a running track. It connects the north and south ends of the service, shop and storage tracks.

Off this running track are the north and south legs of the locomotive turning wye. The wye points to the west. A large bulk fuel storage tank sits in the area bounded by the three leg tracks of the wye. The shop address is 2400 South Union Avenue.

The view is looking south.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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