F3A 5009

F3A 5009 at Sapulpa, Oklahoma in December 1960 (Al Chione)
F3A 5009

F3A 5009 leads a freight train at Sapulpa, Oklahoma in December 1960 (Al Chione).

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  1. Frisco.org says:

    Note also the Meadow Gold Milk billboard. Meadow Gold is still in business in several states, including Oklahoma.

  2. Paul Slavens says:

    Awesome pic. The train is headed north and has just crossed Dewey street. The photo was taken from inside the wye at Sapulpa. The Tulsa Sapulpa Union Railway have their shops on the East side of the main line in the pic. TSU is still there and still very active. Also this Frisco line in the pic is still very active.

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