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SD45 916

SD45 916 (location unknown) in May 1974 (F.S. Novak)
SD45 916

SD45 916 at Birmingham, Alabama in May 1974 (F.S. Novak). Guest appearances by SD45 905 and SW9 308.

The subject locomotives are at the Mechanical Department’s diesel locomotive facility at East Thomas Yard. The switch engine is parked east of the facility’s turntable just outside the roundhouse. The extreme southwest corner of the roundhouse is just visible on the edge of the photograph above the cab of SW9 308.

In the distance above SD45 916 are the yard’s radio antenna and microwave towers located across the parking lot southwest of the yard office. These stand west of, but close to, the turntable.

The view is looking northwest.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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