H-10-44 276

H-10-44 276 at Springfield, Missouri in July 1970 (Keith Ardinger)
H-10-44 276

H-10-44 276 at Springfield, Missouri in July 1970 (Keith Ardinger).

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  1. Paul Bender says:

    This is not Springfield. The background buildings on the right side of the image are all wrong.

    Perhaps Tulsa?

  2. Mark Davidson says:

    Location is Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    The train is eastbound on the Cherokee Subdivision. It is one block east of the grand Tulsa Tower interlocker at mile post 423.0 (MP 423.0). This interlocking controlled the Frisco’s crossings with the A.T.S.F. (Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe), M.V./T.P./M.P. (Midland Valley (until 1964), Texas and Pacific (until 1976), Missouri Pacific) and M.K.T. (Missouri, Kansas and Texas or Katy). This is east of Tulsa Union Station, MP 423.5, and Cherokee Yard, MP 426.9.

    Above the locomotive is the Hooper Brothers Coffee Company building. It is located on the northeast corner of East Admiral Boulevard and North Iroquois Avenue. Hooper Brothers Coffee operated in Tulsa from 1909 to 1961. This was the third location for the business. The building was constructed in 1924 for the business. The address is 731-733 East Admiral Boulevard, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120-1401.

    Coffee beans were delivered by the Frisco. The beans were transported to the second floor for grinding on an Otis Elevator Company hydraulic water freight elevator. It is interesting to note that the building contains one of the very few remaining hydraulic water powered elevators in the country and the only one in Oklahoma. The company was sold in 1946 to Cain’s Coffee. However, the Hoopers Brothers brand name was retained until 1961. The building has been used as a warehouse since 1962. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, with NRIS number 78002272.

    Just to the right of Hoopers in the distance is the Boulder Towers complex. Constructed in 1960, it ultimately will contain two towers, west and east (1980), that are each 15 story standing 253’ tall. The tower complex address is 1437 South Boulder Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-3609. Moving further right, across the intersection to the southwest is the Liberty Tower Condominiums. It has 24 floors, is 254’ tall and was built in 1965. Its address is 1502 South Boulder Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-4037.

    Further in the distance on the far right, near the Arkansas River, is the University Club Tower. The apartment building built in 1966, at 32 stories with a height of 377 feet it is the tallest residential building in the city. It is topped with a distinctive tower antenna with a three-point upward swept base. The circular tower structure was the first major building in the United States to be designed using a computer. It is located at 1722 South Carson Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-4446.

    View is looking south southwest.

    Hope this helps.



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