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U30B 835

U30B 835 at Tennessee Yard (date unknown)
U30B 835 at Tennessee Yard (date unknown)

U30B 835 at Tennessee Yard (date unknown).

Location is Memphis, Tennessee.

The locomotives are at the Mechanical Department’s service tracks area at Tennessee Yard. Coupled to U30B 835 is U25B 822. The locomotives are on the south end of service track 1. While here they can receive diesel fuel, lubricants, water, crew supplies, side inspections and underbody inspection from the pit below and between the rails. At the north end of this and adjoining tracks are sand towers to resupply the sand boxes on either end to the locomotives.

The single track diesel shop is visible in the background above the locomotives. Over the cab is the southwest corner of the shop. Visible to the right of the subject locomotive’s nose is a single story extension to the shop. Behind the shop extension is the locomotive track door on the south end of the shop. In the foreground note the below ground pipe tunnel with metal tread plate covers.

The lighting and locomotive weathering in this view highlight interesting locomotive details. These include the grab irons on the cab front wall and below the number board eyebrow, the windshield wipers (the center two have a connecting rod) and engineer’s wind deflector with lower rear view mirror. Further back is a vertical Automatic Car Identification (ACI) placard and oil stains on the hood top, engine compartment doors, walkway and down the side sill.

Under the side sill are the speed recorder cable, brake wheel chain pipe guide, bell above the forward main air reservoir and ribbed air filter behind the diesel fuel tank. Just aft of the fuel tank fill pipe (note the side sill notch) is the emergency fuel cutoff button. The fuel tank has two fuel level gauges, round near the front and vertical near the center by the fuel fill. Near the rear step is locomotive ownership trust plate.

View is looking northwest.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson

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