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Pavey Letter #1

Pavey Letter 1
Pavey Letter 1

Pavey Letter 1 (PDF).

This letter was donated to the Frisco Archive by Fred Pavey. He commented: I have two typed letters written to my father (Frisco employee in Wichita) by another Frisco employee working in Joplin. The first letter is dated 12/19/51 and in the three page letter he talks about what is happening on the Frisco in Joplin. He talks about his seniority, he lists six engines that are to be knocked down and towed to Springfield for scrapping, he elaborates about diesels replacing steam and how he is concerned for his job (Hostler), he talks about young college educated men being hired in and how inexperienced they were regarding railroading. There is much more to this letter about operations on the Frisco in and around Joplin.

Special thanks to Fred Pavey for this donation.

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