RS-2m 551

RS-2m 551 (date and location unknown) (David Cash)
RS-2m 551

RS-2m 551 at Springfield, Missouri (date unknown) (David Cash).

The locomotives are at the Kansas Avenue Diesel Shop, sitting on the east end of the pocket track. The track in the foreground leads to the east end of the service tracks area. The track behind the locomotives is the north lead to the West Shops area and Clinton Subdivision (High Line).

Based on other photographs in the Frisco Archive of the 551 and 42, the approximate date is March 1972.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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3 Responses to RS-2m 551

  1. Roger Taylor says:

    Jeez, if I saw this thing on the head end of my train I think I call my chiropractor for appointment before we took off. Surprised this wasn’t taken at Tulsa, them boys always had a sense of humor when it came to putting power consists together.

  2. Christopher Abernathy says:

    Roger, I’ve always wondered why the Alco short hood was left as-is when it was repowered and given an EMD-ish long hood? Guess that those who enjoy kitbashing models should be grateful that they didn’t.

    This would be a sight to see for a train crew, and would have been good for a chuckle – all except for the guy who either had to move the F-unit to the front or turn 551 so that it would go long-hood first.

    Best Regards,

    • Paul Bender says:

      The short hood was left alone because all the mechanical changes were under the long hood, so why go to the expense of replacing the short hood too.

      The repowered VO1000 units also recieved partial hood replacements, though with SW1200 hoods.


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