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FA-1 5204

FA-1 5204 at Oklahoma City, OK (date unknown)
FA-1 5204

FA-1 5204 at Oklahoma City, OK (date unknown).

OKC on the main line west of the yard (the yard sets east of the bridge you see in the back ground) and they are about to go under the ATSF and around Union Station trackage. The spur on the fireman’s side went to the connection track with the ATSF. The spur on the engineers side went to Producers CO-OP. Off the switch to Producers was a plant that rendered leather products. Many car load of dead cows were spotted, that made for some interesting smells. One of the switchman like to tell the story of coming eye ball to eye ball while tying a hand brake on a gondola load of cow hides. By looking at the consist I would guess that to be train QSF.

Special thanks to Jerome Lutzenberger.

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Tool Car 10886

Work Car 10886 (date and location unknown)
Tool Car 10886

Tool car 10886 at Carthage, Missouri (date unknown).

This view is looking northeast from the 500 block of North Main Street. The elevator now appears to be owned by and is painted over the Norris Grain Company sign for the ConAgra Turkey Company. It stands north of the Frisco tracks between North Meridian Street (to the east) and North Main Street (to the west).

The Frisco’s tracks run at an approximately 45 degree angle from the northwest to the southeast in this area. Our stone walled depot originally sat between the same streets, but south of the elevator and tracks, just to the right of the photographer.

Fortunately, the depot was preserved, moved stone by stone, and reassembled in town at a fenced and gated large private residence estate at 1201 East Chestnut Street.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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