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GP7 565

GP7 565 at Columbia, Missouri in May 1976 (Vernon Ryder)
GP7 565

GP7 565 at Columbus, Mississippi in May 1976 (Vernon Ryder).

The locomotive is laying over next to the concrete team track dock. A portion of the dock can be seen to the left of the locomotive’s pilot. This is just north of the Frisco’s depot at 2101 College Street.

This station was a train order office on the Columbus Subdivision. Frisco’s stucco and brick Spanish-style passenger depot remained until February 1982. It had earlier been replaced with a then standard tan with white trim metal depot building.

The view is looking northeast.

Four blocks from this location, two blocks north and two blocks west, are the roundhouse and shops of the Columbus and Greenville Railway (C&G, later CAGY). This railroad operated 5 Baldwin DRS-6-4-1500 locomotives into the early 1980s. They crossed the Frisco at grade one .0 mile north of the Frisco’s station.

To the south of the Frisco’s station 0.5 mile is a grade crossing with the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad (GM&O)/Illinois Central Gulf (ICG).

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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