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Boxcar 12050

Boxcar 12050 (location unknown) in December 1979 (Bob Dye)
Boxcar 12050

Boxcar 12050 at Aurora, Missouri in December 1979 (Bob Dye).

SLSF 12050 is one of 200 similar loader equipped boxcars (XL) in the series 12000-12199. The cars were built by Pullman-Standard (PS) at their plant in Bessemer, Alabama in early 1970.

These 77-ton cars had an inside length of 50 feet 6 inches with a capacity of 4,952 cubic feet. The interior featured Evans DF-2 (damage free) loader belts, style G floor clips and Azee loading anchors. Originally they had 10 foot smooth surface plug doors.

Unlike similar cars built by American Car and Foundry (ACF) these cars were not equipped with cushion underframes. It is believed that this was due to their primary assignment hauling paper, particleboard and plywood; commodities which are generally less susceptible to impact damage. Many of the cars were assigned to MacMillan-Bloedel Limited for service at their mill plant at MacMillan, Alabama.

The cars were originally delivered in yellow paint with black lettering, outline coonskin heralds (yellow background) and the “Ship IT on the Frisco!” slogan. The slogan featured the “IT” in white with a contracting black background.

During a class program maintenance visit to the shop most of the cars received new exterior post plug doors. At this time they were also repainted red with all white lettering. The photo here features the latter door and paint scheme.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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