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East Thomas Yard – Birmingham, Alabama

East Thomas Yard, Birmingham, Alabama
East Thomas Yard – Birmingham, Alabama

East Thomas Yard – Birmingham, Alabama.

Frisco.org resident expert Karl Brand explains that the Illinois Central and Central of Georgia are on the left and the Frisco on the right. On the left is GoG 305, an SW9, built during July 1952. It appears that its switch crew is preparing to add a caboose to the cut of cars on the track for which the switch is thrown. The Frisco ice house and ice dock and stock pens visible as are several coaches, which are scattered about. Given that Birmingham was the last bastion of Frisco steam, it seems odd that nary a single steam locomotive is visible in the vincinity of the coal tower and sand house. We might date the photo circa 1953-1956.

Note also SL-SF gondola 107339, hopper 90175, and hopper 89110.

A special thank you to both Bob Dye and Karl Brand for their assistance with the introduction of this image.

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