F7A 36 (5036)

F7A 36 (5036) (date and location unknown)
F7A 36 (5036)

F7A 36 (5036) at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (date unknown).

The train is westbound entering Oklahoma City Yard lined up for track one and about to go under I-35.

Special thanks to Jerome Lutzenberger.

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  1. Paul Bender says:

    F units and Piggy Backs.

    Early 1970s mainline railroading at it’s finest.
    (Could be late 1960s too… According to http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/comprehensive-list-of-frisco-emd-f-unit-numbers.9805/#post-64845 36 was retired in 1972, and we all know the mass F-unit renumbering occurred in 1968.)


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