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GP7 517

GP7 517 (date and location unknown)
GP7 517

GP7 517 at Clinton, Oklahoma (date unknown).

This photograph was taken near the south end of the depot platform at 120 East Frisco Avenue. The buildings in distance are part of the Clinton Cotton Oil Mill. This was a cotton compress business. Above the locomotive the long structure with the brick wall on the north end is the seed house. To its immediate east is a 60 foot tall iron seed tank.

Clinton was a Frisco division point. To the north is the Enid Subdivision (Enid to Clinton). To the south is the Hobart Subdivision (Clinton to Vernon, Texas). The segment from Davidson, Oklahoma to Vernon, Texas (15.32 miles) was abandoned in 1957 after a large flood destroyed the Frisco’s bridge over the Red River between Oklahoma and Texas.

One block west, behind the photographer, at 112 South First Street, is the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient (KCMO)/Clinton, Oklahoma and Western (COW) depot. These railroads became part of the Santa Fe. That depot is boarded up but still stands in 2017.

The view is looking east southeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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