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H-10-44 273

H-10-44 273 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (James Primm)
H-10-44 273

H-10-44 273 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (James Primm).

Location is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The locomotive is spotted outside the west end of the diesel shop at East Yard. The Fairbanks-Morse locomotive fleet was concentrated in Oklahoma, with the shop in Tulsa as the primary maintenance shop. This permitted the Frisco to concentrate maintenance expertise, special maintenance equipment and parts supply at a single location. The Tulsa shop was equipped with special high level platforms to work on the F-M units.

The 16 unit F-M fleet was primarily used in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Muskogee. To help facilitate movement of the locomotives between station locations the Frisco equipped the F-M locomotives with class lights. These were mounted high on the locomotive’s nose. This permitted the locomotives to “display signals” to operate over the road as extra trains.

Note also the oil well derrick in the distance beyond the right front handrail.

View is looking northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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H-10-44 274

H-10-44 274 at Tulsa Tower (MP 423.0) interlocking (date unknown)
H-10-44 274

H-10-44 274 at Tulsa Tower (MP 423.0) interlocking (date unknown).

Location is Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Locomotive is westbound on the North main track of the Cherokee Subdivision at the Tulsa Tower (MP 423.0) interlocking. The interlocking is five blocks east of the Tulsa Union Depot (MP 423.5). This multiple railroad junction is southeast of the intersection of East Archer Street and North Greenwood Avenue and northeast of the intersection of North Greenwood Avenue and East 1st Street.

At this point the railroad crossed the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe (ATSF), the Midland Valley Railroad (MV) and the Missouri, Kansas and Texas (MKT or Katy). In 1967 the Midland Valley was merged into the Texas & Pacific Railway (TP). In turn the TP was merged into the Missouri Pacific Railroad (MP or MoP) in 1976.

In the image the track under the locomotive’s fuel tank is the ATSF. From their yard to the north this line crossed the Frisco to their freight house on the southeast corner of East 1st Street and South Elgin Avenue. This structure has been repurposed as offices and stands today. The diamonds ahead of the locomotive’s pilot are the MV/TP/MP crossings. The MKT’s diamonds are near and parallel to the bottom of the photograph.

View is looking north.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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