Transfer Caboose 150

Transfer caboose 150 (date and location unknown) (Al Chione)
Transfer caboose 150

Transfer caboose 150 (date and location unknown) (Al Chione).

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  1. Karl Brand says:

    KC East Bottoms on the Highline?

  2. Christopher Abernathy says:

    Anyone know of the story behind this one? It definitely does not have the standard look of the latter-day transfer cabooses, and the “flat” that it’s on is like none that I have seen. Hopefully I can find a drawing and/or additional photos.

    Best Regards,

  3. Mark Davidson says:

    Company records for the 1300 series “Dog House Cabooses” indicate this car was renumbered during 3/1968 to SLSF 1344. This caboose was “set aside” (retired) during 4/1970.

    Most of the the other 1300 series (SLSF 1300-1343) terminal transfer cabooses had a square crew cabin, that was built on former company fish belly side sill flat cars from the 95xxx series. However, this car was built on a former steel frame wood caboose underframe, believed to the SLSF 150.

    Hope this helps.



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