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H-10-44 280

H-10-44 280 (date and location unknown)
H-10-44 280

H-10-44 280 at Tulsa, Oklahoma (date unknown).

The locomotive is near the north end of Cherokee Yard. On the left horizon is a portion of the downtown. The building in the background is the Bank of America Financial Center at 515 South Boulder Avenue West.

There are a number of interesting details on this locomotive. On the cab roof are a “nail” type radio antenna, single chime horn and a yellow globed identification light. Further forward are two flared exhaust stack spark arrestors.

Above the window on the cab side is a bleached canvas sun shade. On the forward hood at the corners just above the white stripe are classification lights. These units would on occasion be used on trains to outlying stations in Oklahoma including Enid, Muskogee and Oklahoma City.

On the front engine room door and frame sides are round cast metal builders plates for Fairbanks-Morse and Company. Hanging on “J” shaped hooks below the frame above the front truck is a heavy chain. If a coupler failed, clearance was tight, or adjacent track was in poor shape, these would on occasion be used to help move a car.

The view is looking northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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