FA-1m 5218

FA-1 5218 (date and location unknown) (Mike Condren)
FA-1 5218

FA-1m 5218 at Springfield, Missouri on August 7, 1965 (Mike Condren).

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2 Responses to FA-1m 5218

  1. klrwhizkid says:

    This is a Mike Condren photo, “FR232” dated “8/7/65, Springfield, MO.”

  2. meteor910 says:

    Technically, this shot of SLSF 5218 is of it as a FA-1m. It has been re-powered by EMD with a 567 engine – note the two exhaust stacks on the roof, with spark arrestors, plus also note the EMD builder plate mounted just above the Alco builder plate on the cab side above the front truck.

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