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S-2 296

S-2 296 (date and location unknown) (David Cash)
S-2 296

S-2 296 at Springfield, Missouri (date unknown) (David Cash).

This photograph was taken at the Springfield West or Kansas Avenue Yard. The locomotives are east of the Springfield Diesel Shop on the diesel pocket track. This track is east of Kansas Avenue, northeast of the service tracks area.

In the distance on the raised shelf between the noses of FP7 48 and S-2 296 is a tree trunk pile at Ozark Hardwood Company. Between the noses of S-2 296 and VO-1000 228 is the silver building of Springfield Plywoods, Inc. These business are located on North Nettleton Avenue and North Newton Avenue respectively. A stub end spur from the east served these north side businesses.

It came off the North Main Track just west of the grade crossing at North Broadway Avenue.

The view is looking north northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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