F7A 34

F7A 34 (date and location unknown)
F7A 34

F7A 34 (date and location unknown).

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4 Responses to F7A 34

  1. Dan Hyde says:

    Top photo looks like a load of Chrysler products. Fenton, maybe?c

  2. Paul Bender says:

    The second unit is one of the repowered Alco FB1s. The number is blurry, but it looks like 193 or 199 to me.

    Only 5 of the FB1s were renumbered to 3 digit numbers in 1968, and they were all retired in 1969, so this photo was taken in one of those two years.

  3. Christopher Abernathy says:

    I don’t know the area exceedingly well, but this looks like it might be the “new” Sapulpa, OK depot with the train on the wye heading south toward Madill?

  4. Karl Brand says:

    Indeed…Sapulpa, OK

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