Unknown Coach

Unknown Coach (Al Chione)
Unknown Coach

Unknown Coach (Al Chione).

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  1. Paul Bender says:

    I think this is SLSF 1250 “Olivette”, which was a care built for the Texas Special.

  2. Christopher Abernathy says:

    While I’m an exceedingly poor substitute for Mark Davidson, the location appears to be just west of the Kansas City Union Station train shed. The beginning of the station’s REA docks are visible to the right of the KCT switcher.

    The building at the extreme right appears to to be the east end of KCT’s Tower 5.

    I think the photographer is on the Pennway overpass; I would have to double check my maps.

    I do like how we have a streamlined coach carrying older style markers, in addition to a larger marker light on its rear gate.

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