F7A 31 and U25B 817

F7A 31 and U25B 817 (date and location unknown)
F7A 31 and U25B 817

F7A 31 and U25B 817 (date and location unknown).

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  1. Mark Davidson says:

    Location is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    Train is eastbound on the Chickasha Subdivision about to pass under the overhead Santa Fe Railroad. Soon the train will make its second crossing in the city of the North Canadian River on the 664’ I-beam Bridge 539.8. Just beyond it will enter the Frisco’s East Yard, MP 539.5. The train is just east of Oklahoma City Union Depot, MP 540.1. The depot was a joint operation between the Frisco Railway and the Rock Island Railroad. The depot address is 300 Southwest 7th Street.

    At this point the train is south of the downtown central business core and just west of the main line of the Santa Fe. The Rock Island’s tracks that run past the depot are in the foreground. The lead unit is an unidentified number GP35 with air tanks mounted above the car body (SLSF 700-716). Worthy of note in the distance above the second unit in the consist, black and yellow U25B 807, are two oil well derrick towers.

    View is looking southeast.

    Hope this helps.



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