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GP7 626

GP7 626 at Chippie (or Chaffee), Missouri in May 1972 (Vernon Ryder)
GP7 626

GP7 626 at Chaffee, Missouri in May 1972 (Vernon Ryder).

Christopher Abernathy states, “The view is to the southwest; I think that 626 is sitting on what would have been the roundhouse lead.

The extreme southeast corner of the old passenger depot is visible along the right of the slide. Yoakum Avenue is behind #626, with the motor car house just beyond the long hood. As a kid, this building was visible from my front yard up the hill on East Davidson Avenue.

Just barely visible above the long hood end platform is what appears to be an open-sided roof, with some posts to the left of that. This would have been the location of the old freight house and team track area. I don’t remember any remnants of the freight house – could this be part of it?

The house in the background just above the hood of the parked pick-up is 209 S. Main Street, where Roy and Mildred Bell lived. My grandfather’s TV and Radio shop was at 206 South Main, just across the street. The school bus looks like it’s probably parked next to Earl Cook’s garage, awaiting repairs.”

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