4-6-2 1046

4-6-2 1046 at St. Louis, Missouri (date unknown) (Louis A. Marre)
4-6-2 1046

4-6-2 1046 at St. Louis, Missouri (date unknown) (Louis A. Marre).

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  1. TAG1014 says:

    This might be Dallas?? Some fairly unusual Frisco passenger cars in the consist: An RPO-Coach combine (usually only run in the Tulsa-Dallas trains), the next car looks like one of the 1926 AC&F coaches with skirts! It was very neat when some of the Frisco heavyweights had skirts!

    Tom G.

  2. Christopher Abernathy says:

    I think you’re right on, Tom. Both 1046 and the Pullman sleeper “McNulta” in the background, being tended by the car wiper, are in the recent photo upon which Karl and you both commented…


    Best Regards,

  3. Karl Brand says:

    This is Dallas.

  4. Karl Brand says:

    The McNulta is a Plan 3410, 12-1 Pullman, which was built during the spring of 1925 as part of Lot 4845, which included 225 cars. During December 1948, the car was leased to Pullman by the T&P; during Nov 1959 it was withdrawn from its lease and it became T&P 1500.

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