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GP38-2 687

GP38-2 687 at Tulsa, OK on on April 4, 1978
GP38-2 687

GP38-2 687 at Tulsa, OK on April 4, 1978.

Location is Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The locomotives are in the south end of the Mechanical Department’s service tracks area at Cherokee Yard. The low angle setting sun light nicely shows considerable detail, especially below the locomotive’s side sill. Highlights on the Blomberg M trucks include the hydraulic snubber (shock absorber), rubber pad springs, brake cylinder, associated air and sand line piping. Additional details include the ground light below the cab, air filters, air tank with piping, fuel tank with associated piping and gauges, engine room sump drain pipe and J-shaped rerail frog hangers.

Also identified in this photograph coupled to the subject locomotive is U30B 845. It is among the first group of General Electric road units (SLSF 844 – 853) to be equipped with nose mounted Pyle National Company oscillating Gyralites. Frisco’s subsequent orders for U30B units and its successor model B30-7 units would also be equipped with this optional feature.

Between the locomotives, visible in the distance across the Arkansas River, is University Club Tower. The apartment building built in 1966, at 32 stories with a height of 377 feet it is the tallest residential building in the city. It is topped with a distinctive tower antenna with a three-point upward swept base. The circular tower structure was the first major building in the United States to be designed using a computer. It is located at 1722 South Carson Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma

View is looking northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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