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GP38-2 448

GP38-2 448 at Springfield, Missouri in June 1978 (Vernon Ryder)
GP38-2 448

GP38-2 448 at Memphis, Tennessee (date unknown) (Vernon Ryder).

This is the Mechanical Department’s diesel service tracks and shop complex at Tennessee Yard.

To the right of the subject locomotive’s nose is the diesel shop at this location. The locomotive’s rear truck is on the turnout to the facility’s turntable. This shot was taken near the southwest corner of the facility.

Notable in this photograph are the replacement handrail stanchions in zinc chromate primer at the multiple unit crossover step. These were replaced after being damaged while the crossover chains were still connected to the adjoining locomotive when uncoupling.

Also to the right of the subject locomotive, closer to the diesel shop building in the distance, still in Frisco paint is renumbered GP38-2 2273 (Frisco 418). This places the photograph after the merger date with that successor railroad on November 21, 1980.

A photograph in the Frisco Archive of the GP38-2 2273 (Frisco 418) in similar parked or spotted position and time of day lighting indicates the date is January 1981.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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