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FA-1m 5217 and F7B 5135

FA1 5217 (date and location unknown)
FA-1m 5217 and F7B 5135

FA-1m 5217 and F7B 5135 lead three other units leaving Oklahoma City East Yard going over the North Canadian river in December 1960.

FA-1m 5217 has been repowered by EMD. Note the two exhaust stacks on the roof and EMD builder’s plate above the Alco builder’s plate to the left of the cab handrails.

F7B 5135 is followed by an unidentified number F3B and two F3A units.

This view is looking down river to the northeast. The train is westbound on the Chickasha Subdivision. The overhead bridge in the distance is South Lincoln Avenue. It spans the North Canadian River and the extreme west end of the Frisco’s East Yard.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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