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GP7 629

GP7 629 (date and location unknown)
GP7 629

GP7 629 eastbound at Enid, Oklahoma (date unknown).

The photographer is on the south side of the tracks, very near the North Jefferson Street crossing.

In the distance, to the northwest on the right edge of the photograph, is the three large south silos of the Enid Terminal Elevator. The inverted U-shaped structure with the diagonal braces seen in front of the middle silo is the turntable arch electrical connection. In the days of steam the roundhouse sat north of the turntable.

Further to the east (right) past North Jefferson Street, on the south side of the tracks, was the Frisco’s Enid Freight House and Western Division Offices. On the north side, also east of North Jefferson Street, is the W.B. Johnson Grain Elevator A.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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