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GP7s 502 and 509

GP7s 502 and 509 Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 16, 1972 (James Claflin)
GP7s 502 and 509

GP7s 502 and 509 Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 16, 1972 (James Claflin).

Location is Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The locomotives are in the Mechanical Department’s locomotive service tracks area at Cherokee Yard. In two years new mechanical facilities will be constructed as part of yard capital improvements and expansion. New service tracks, including fueling and sanding facilities, a metal diesel shop and locomotive turning wye will be constructed. The former converted roundhouse diesel shop, riveted fuel storage tank behind the locomotives and 100’ turntable will be removed.

The turntable from Tulsa was transferred in a 65’ company flatcar to Springfield. After a few years in storage north of the West Shops it was repurposed and installed northeast of the Springfield service tracks area.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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GP7 509

GP7 509 (date and location unknown)
GP7 509

GP7 509 at Sapulpa, Oklahoma (date unknown).

The train is headed north and has just crossed Dewey Street. The small brick building left of the locomotive is part of the Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway engine facilities and still stands today. The tower in the background is from the glass plant.

This photograph was taken inside the wye about at the location where the depot once stood.

Special thanks to Paul Slavens.

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