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Caboose 1233

Caboose 1233 (date and location unknown)
Caboose 1233

Caboose 1233 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (date unknown). The F.M. unit is unidentified.

The photo was shot looking northeast from the South Lincoln Boulevard overpass. This is the west end of the Frisco’s East Yard. To the left of the diesel shop one can see the North Canadian River. The Frisco crosses the river just to the west of the Lincoln Boulevard overpass.

There are lots of neat details in this view including the locomotive shop, engine service tracks area (including two Union Pacific locomotives, at least one a GP30), repair-in-place (RIP) tracks, two H-10-44 locomotives, two cabooses, multiple (at least eight) company service diesel fuel yellow dome tank cars, etc.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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