GP7 617 and GP35 702

GP7 617 and GP35 702 (location unknown) in October 1978
GP7 617 and GP35 702

GP7 617 and GP35 702 (location unknown) in October 1978.

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  1. Mark Davidson says:

    Location is Springfield, Missouri.

    SW1500 353, GP7s 526 and 617 are sitting on the diesel pocket track east of the Springfield Diesel Shop. GP35 702 and SD45 905 are sitting on the service tracks east of the locomotive service track shed. The track in the foreground is the West Shops lead and Clinton Subdivision main track. The overhead horizontal pipes are the insulated steam and return cold water lines supplying the wash rack pump house out of view to the east (left).

    The power line poles and transformers supply electricity to the pump house for the locomotive wash rack. A portion of the wash rack with its green corrugated plastic overspray shield is visible on track 2 in the distance above SD45 905. Still further in the distance above that is the elevator leg, distribution head and piping at the Western Feed and Milling Company (today ADM Animal Nutrition) feed mill at 1300 West Locust Street.

    View is looking southeast.

    Hope this helps.



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