GP38AC 653

GP38AC 653 at Winslow, Arkansas (date unknown)
GP38AC 653

GP38AC 653 at Winslow, Arkansas (date unknown).

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  1. Andre Ming says:

    Pretty much have to be after 1976, that’s when I think I recall pilot foot boards were outlawed and had to be removed.

  2. Andre Ming says:

    As I recall, for an unknown amount of years it had been against RAILROAD rules to ride the pilot foot board on point for years. (I “think” I recall one could still ride them on light engine trailing moves.) However, I also “THINK” I recall the Feds (FRA) got involved and the FRA issued a rule requiring pilot foot boards to be removed within a specified amount of time beginning in the mid-late 70s. With the pilot foot boards removed, such non-compliance became impossible. Within a couple years, pilot foot boards were gone never to return.

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