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GP38-2 467 and SD45 902

GP38-2 467 and SD45 902 (location unknown but likely Tulsa, Oklahoma) in May 1980 (David Ingles)
GP38-2 467 and SD45 902

GP38-2 467 and SD45 902 at Memphis, Tennessee in May 1980 (David Ingles).

The photograph was taken at the Frisco’s Tennessee Yard. This is the Mechanical Department’s service tracks area. To the left of the locomotives is the diesel shop with it’s single upper windows. It is unlike the newer shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma which has groups of three windows.

In the far distance, to the right of the locomotives and left of the wooden poles, is the locomotive turntable. In this view you can see one of its silver sides and the electrical connection arch. It is located at the south end of the service tracks area.

Closer to the photographer, the turnout just visible to the right of the wooden poles leads to the original main line (passenger main) which bypasses the Tennessee Yard complex. The view is looking southeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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