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U25B 812

U25B 812 (location unknown) in January 1980 (George Menge)
U25B 812

U25B 812 at Kansas City, Missouri in January 1980 (George Menge).

This photograph was taken at the locomotive service tracks at 19th Street Yard. The engines are on Service Track 1. To the left is Service Track 2. Beyond that is an engineman’s locker room, office, and storage. In view to the north is the locomotive sand tower supplying the two service tracks.

Out of view to the immediate right is the one track diesel shop. Just to its north is the bulk dry locomotive sand storage tank, its elevator leg, unloading pit and dedicated unloading track. Further northwest is the locomotive turntable.

From the sand car track, bulk sand is augered over to, then up the elevator leg to the bulk sand storage tank. Compressed air is then used to pump sand from the bulk sand storage tank up to the sand tower in the photo. There are pipes with valves on the end descending from the sand tower tank. Taking advantage of the power of gravity these are used to supply the individual locomotive sand boxes.

This view is from the south end of the service tracks looking to the northwest.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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