F7A 43

F7A 43 at Springfield, Missouri in January 1970 (Golden Spike Productions)
F7A 43

F7A 43 at Springfield, Missouri in January 1970 (Golden Spike Productions).

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  1. Mark Davidson says:

    Location is Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    The lead unit is a FP7A. The FP7A model was a duel-purpose freight (F) and passenger (P) locomotive. This model was extended by four feet to accomodate additional water storage capacity for passenger steam generator operation. Note the added water fill door on the car body side below the “R” in Frisco. It was originally numbered 5043. It was renumbered during 1968 when the railroad implemented the use of a new computer tracking system. With the new system a unique number was needed to avoid duplicate numbers with other company owned equipment.

    In addition to a different paint color scheme, modifications to the locomotive in this view include roof mounted multi-chime horn, firecracker radio antenna, amber rotating beacon light and flared spark arrestors. Nose modifications include upper oscillating headlight, relocated headlight to the nose door, multiple-unit electrical connections with doors and upper ladder rest handholds. Trailing units include an unidentified number F7B and a F7A.

    Train is westbound on the Oklahoma Subdivision. It has just departed Cherokee Yard, mile post 426.9 (MP 426.9). The train has just passed the grade crossing with South 33rd West Avenue. It is at or about MP 428.4. The train at this point is traveling on a geographic northeast to southwest axis. It is departing on the West Yard Lead. The center track is the Middle Hump Lead and the right through track is the East Hump Lead. The double ended industry spur on the far right leads to the 33rd Street team track and an open (unoccupied or vacant) industry spot.

    Visible in the distance on Lookout Mountain is a microwave tower on South 26th West Avenue. This tower is due west across Cherry Creek and uphill from the hump crest tower and yard office. On the next ridge to the west, obscured in this view by the train, are the broadcast studios and offices of KTUL Tulsa’s Channel 8. This is the local American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) affiliate. The station’s address is 3333 South 29th West Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74107-4213.

    Above and slightly left of the Derail sign, across the Arkansas River is the University Club Tower. The apartment building was built in 1966, has 32 stories and is 377 feet high. It is the tallest residential building in the city. It is topped with a distinctive tower antenna with a three-point upward swept base. The circular tower structure was the first major building in the United States to be designed using a computer. It is located at 1722 South Carson Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-4446.

    View is looking northeast.

    Hope this helps.



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