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SD40-2 951

SD40-2 951 at Tulsa, Oklahoma in July 1980
SD40-2 951

SD40-2 951 at Tulsa, Oklahoma in July 1980.

This image was taken at the south end of the Mechanical Department’s service tracks area at Cherokee Yard. Also identified in this photograph behind the subject locomotive is U25B 826. Above the cab of 826 are light stands at the fuel and sanding tracks. The curving track in the foreground is the south leg of the locomotive turning wye west of the diesel shop.

Above the front pilot of the locomotive, in the distance across the Arkansas River, on the right is the apartment building University Club Tower. Built in 1966, at 32 stories with a height of 377 feet it is the tallest residential building in the city. It is topped with a distinctive tower antenna with three-point upswept base. The circular tower structure was the first major building in the United States to be designed using a computer. It is located at 1722 South Carson Avenue.

To the left further to the northeast is the Liberty Tower Condominiums. It has 24 floors, is 254 feet tall and was built in 1965. Its address is 1502 South Boulder Avenue.

The view is looking northeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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