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GP35 722, GP38-2 665 and GP35 701

GP35 722, GP38-2 665 and GP35 701 (location unknown) in May 1980
GP35 722, GP38-2 665 and GP35 701

GP35 722, GP38-2 665 and GP35 701 at Amory, Mississippi in May 1980.

The train is northbound. In the background on the left is the “new” metal depot/yard office at 101 Front Street North in Amory. In the early 1970s this depot replaced the former 1916, flat roofed, eight inch tile, stucco covered passenger depot. To the right of the train are the yard, freight car and locomotive mechanical facilities.

Amory was the division point separating the Tupelo Subdivision (North to Memphis/Yale Yard/Tennessee Yard) from the Birmingham Subdivision (Southeast to Birmingham, Alabama) and the Columbus Subdivision (South to Magnolia, Mississippi and ultimately Pensacola, Florida or Aliceville, Mississippi and via the former AT&N, ultimately, Mobile, Alabama).

One half block to the Southeast of the depot the Frisco had a blond brick, two story building that housed the offices for the Southern Division. That building is now the Amory City Hall and offices. In front of the building is the city’s Frisco Park. In the Northwest corner of the park, under a steel shed roof, is Frisco 1529. This steam engine is a Mountain type, 4-8-2 wheel arrangement, built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1926.

The view is looking Southeast.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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GP35 722

GP35 722 at Oklahoma City, OK. (date unknown)
GP35 722

GP35 722 and second unit F9A 77 are the only units identified in this photo at Oklahoma City, OK. (date unknown).

Picture is looking south with ATSF high-line in back ground. The Frisco train is approaching Union Station heading west. I would guess this is the QLA account all engines are dynamic brake equipped.

Thanks to Karl Brand and Jerome Lutzenberger for the location and second unit identification.

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