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VO-1000m 206

VO-1000m 206 (date and location unknown) (Al Chione)
VO-1000m 206

VO-1000m 206 at Birmingham, Alabama (date unknown) (Al Chione).

This view is at the mechanical department’s locomotive servicing facilities at East Thomas Yard. Behind the locomotives is a remnant of the former steam engine shop repurposed for diesel locomotive maintenance.

Coupled to and in multiple unit operation with the subject locomotive is VO-1000m 201. These units were among seven others that were repowered by EMD with 567 series prime mover engines between 1957 and 1959. On the repowered unit note the new EMD style long hood and radiator intake.

Of these nine Baldwin units only six were equipped during repowering with multiple unit connections (SLSF 200-204 and 206). Like the original Baldwin VO-1000s, the first three units repowered during 1957 (SLSF 205, 210 and 215) did not receive multiple unit connections or equipment. Work on all the repowered units was completed at EMD’s plant at La Grange, Illinois.

Special thanks to Mark Davidson.

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