NW2 256

NW2 256 (location unknown) in August 1968
NW2 256

NW2 256 Lindenwood Yard in August 1968.

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  1. Mark Davidson says:

    Location is St. Louis, Missouri.

    The locomotives are at Lindenwood Yard. They are in the Mechanical Department’s locomotive service tracks area east of the diesel shop. Fuel and sand facilities were located in this area. The repainted switch engine features original Roman font lettering and number, but has a simplified striping pattern with every other diagonal stripe eliminated. On the switch engine note the added flagging equipment box sitting on the deck under the front radiator. Sitting beside SLSF 256 is an unidentified number General Electric U25B.

    In the distance behind the locomotive is a freshly painted tri-level automobile rack on a leased Trailer Train flat car. The Frisco operated a repair in place (RIP) facility northwest of the diesel shop area. A portion of one of the former steam roundhouse buildings was used for painting rolling stock. Still further in the distance is the Arsenal Street Overpass over the east end of the yard and the River Des Peres. The river runs along the northwestern boundary of the yard. The river turns south past the yard and eventually flows into the Mississippi River south of St. Louis.

    View is looking northeast.

    Hope this helps.



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