GP50 3100

GP50 3100 at Cicero, Illinois in December 1980 (Steve Smedley)
GP50 3100

GP50 3100 at Cicero, Illinois in December 1980 (Steve Smedley).

The Frisco ordered nine GP50s. All went to service with BN and were delivered shortly after the merger. #3100 (SLSF #791) was delivered in Orange and White, but with the BN numbers in Orange with no BN lettering. The rest 3101-3109 (SLSF #790 and #792-799) were delivered in BN paint.

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  1. Mark Davidson says:

    Frisco ordered ten (10) EMD GP50 units.

    They were originally to be numbered SLSF 790-799. They ultimately were delivered with the numbers 3100-3109. One was painted in Frisco mandarin orange and white (3100). Nine were painted for that successor railroad (3101-3109).

    Details of interest in this view include the short “weed cutter” snow plow, horizontal V-shaped combined anti-climber / crossover walkway and taller height rear radiator grills. These larger grills resulted in a notched shorter white stripe under the grills. It appears that the Prime Manufacturing Stratolite yellow beacon on the top of the cab has yet to be added.

    Hope this helps.



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